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  • Do you take custom request for jewelry?
    Yes, we do. While we offer a wide selection of gemstones, we know there are SO many more that we do not offer. Send us an email and we would love to chat about any custom requests. Please be aware that custom jewelry can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks to create and not all requests will be accepted. Email to get the conversation started. Custom jewelry will be charged a $30 design fee if accepted. We also require a non-refundable deposit of 50% total jewelry cost before the making begins.
  • What if I like a necklace but I need a custom length?
    We know that every body is made differently and we try our best to make items that fit but it is truly a hope/guess that we make. If you are someone who needs a speciality length or size, please email
  • Do you offer custom group request orders for bridesmaids or employees?
    For larger orders of over 10 pieces per style please email and we can open discussion for group/larger sized orders.
  • Are your Good Luck Shirts used?
    Our Good Luck Shirts are at the very core - a eco-conscious decision to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We take shirts of only natural material, usually cotton or linen or a blend of the two (never polyester or synthetic materials) and insert our GOOD LUCK symbols, giving the shirts a new life. Because the shirts are only purchased in Like New or Gently Used condition, we can assure the shirts are in great condition before we transform them. Because of the nature of the process, we cannot guarantee fits as brands use slightly different sizing charts but we do our best to provide measurements and fit information. *Please be sure to read the description well, we cannot accept returns on clothing.
  • Can I send in a shirt I would like to have made into a Good Luck Shirt?
    We are thinking about offering this service but not quite there yet. Email us at and get put on our radar if this service becomes an option. We will only accept natural fabrics that have been freshly laundered before shipping to us.
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